A thermal fuse is an electrical component that can be found in many home appliances from dishwashers, hairdryers, air conditioning units, refrigerators, and coffee makers. This is used in order to protect any circuits in your appliances from any damage if a malfunction or abnormality has caused the appliance to reach a preset temperature.

In much the same way as an electrical fuse in your home will cut the power, a thermal fuse will also cut the power to a circuit board in a home appliance. So an example would be a thermal fuse for refrigerator that has sensed that the temperature of the circuit board it is on has gone above a preset temperature and thus cut the electricity.

Why are Thermal Fuses So Important?

Not only will excessively high temperatures cause damage to components on circuit boards but there is also a risk of fire, electric shock, and other injuries that can occur when appliances are exposed to high temperatures.

This is why thermal fuses from leading manufacturers are so important to use in appliances as they can monitor heat levels, alert the system if heat levels have gone above a preset level, and then shut down the electrical current.

They Offer a Low Cost Temperature Control Option

While it is very clever in design, they are actually a very simple and basic product for the temperature control of your appliances. Many manufacturers of appliances insist on using this because they are very inexpensive but are very effective at protecting the appliance from damage.

They Can Be Replaced Fairly Easily

The great thing about it is if say the thermal fuse for refrigerator was to blow, it would save the circuit board and can then be replaced once the malfunction in the appliance has been fixed.

When replacing it is important to make sure that the original problem with the appliance has been repaired first as just replacing the fuse will result in the same end result as before.


As you can see, a thermal fuse from industry leaders is a cost-effective way of protecting any appliances that you are producing for your consumers. They will not only protect the appliances but will also help to protect those consumers, your reputation, and possibly your business as a whole.

So if you value all of the above, you really should think about using a good quality thermal fuse for refrigerator or any other appliance that you are planning on manufacturing.