A safety shower is an equipment designed to wash away any chemicals that come in contact with your body either with a chemical spill or through any other accidental contact with harmful chemicals. The safety showers are majorly used in places where people regularly work with chemicals such as pharmaceutical industry. These showers are designed to wash away all the kinds of chemicals spilled on a person’s body. Generally, these showers are able to flow 70-80 liters of water per minute. The setting up and maintenance of safety showers at workplaces is a responsibility of health and safety personnel of the company.

Before attending a shower, keep these things in mind as the chemicals that are on your body should not spread all over the body. Know how to switch on and switch off the valve. Don’t place any electronic equipment near the shower. If your clothes are contaminated with chemicals remove them before the shower. Drench yourself under the shower for at least 15 minutes before going for medical assistance. The manufacturers of safety showers always keep the requirements of the client on top and deliver the safety showers that fit their workplace needs.

They provide various types of emergency safety showers, eye/face wash, and decontamination equipment. The equipment designed by them is intended to provide overall safety of the workforce while ensuring quality at relatively less cost. These are used by almost all the industries where working with chemicals is a part of work force’s regular job. There are a wide number of retailers who manufactures and delivers quality showers at relatively fewer prices in both online and offline modes.

You just got to understand your workplace requirements before placing the order. Once you are clear on the type of shower you want to install at your workstation, get in touch with the customer support wing of the manufacturer and try to understand whether their product meets your requirements or not. Once you get in touch with them they will give you additional inputs you must know before installing a safety shower.

If you feel any modifications to be made to showers to suit your workplace, do discuss them with the manufacturer. They will include them in their manufacturing process and try to customize the order if you order them in bulk. Once your order is ready they will deliver and install them at your place at ease.