A house is a great investment, but a clean house is an even better investment. If you are looking to sell your house, there are several essential things you need to know to fully maximise the value of your home.

Make sure your house is in a pristine condition, remove all filthy smell, clean your house from the ceiling to the floors, and even the walls. Make sure the buyer notices the shine and the sparkle in the house. Make it difficult for viewers to ignore your house.

Clean out the exterior, and improve the landscape. Having a clean interior is good but having a better exterior gives you a plus. Clean the gutters, mow the lawn and if there are any flowers have them trimmed or cleared. This will help create a good first impression on the buyers.

Repair your home, ensure your home is in the best condition, repair broken windows, hinges or a leaking roof. Small details matter most to the buyers and could influence their decision.

Make the home inviting and appealing. Apply a fresh coat of paint; you can also replace the old house numbers. Create an inviting atmosphere by using a welcome mat; this will make the buyers feel welcome.

Avoid personalisation, make use of neutral colours. You want to appeal to the buyer so make use of neutral colours that will not scare the buyer away. Also, remove personal items, a buyer wants to envision the house as their own, things such as photos.

Organise the house, organise the closets and cabinets. Having an organized home creates the impression of enough space and this is every buyer’s goal. Pay attention to fine details like the lighting, water and piping and the sewer system.

Modernise your house, make use of modern appealing items as these might influence the buyer, however, remember to keep it simple and elegant.

After the cleaning and repairs have been done, invite a house inspector sometimes this can a cleaning company to come and inspect the home inspected, a home inspector will alert you of the possible dangers that would make the buyers hesitate. And advise you on where to make changes to improve the possibility of a sale.

You may also use the service of a good real estate agent, having a real estate agent is optional but it is advisable, a real estate agent understands the market better and will be able to find a buyer faster and sell your house at a higher price. However, if you decide to do it by yourself research extensively on the possible dangers and be prepared in case of any disaster.

Finally, for sale to be a success detach yourself from the house and be ready for offers. Seek professional advice and know the value of your home, recognising the value of your home will help you set the bar for the price.