Be it a home or an office, a one story commercial space or a large building, having an energy audit done is imperative. You must be proactive and hire an electrician to conduct a thorough inspection of your home or office to know exactly how you are consuming the energy that you are paying for. It is quite possible that you are wasting a bit or a lot of your energy, consciously or unknowingly.

There are two types of energy audit you can opt for. Ideally, you should opt for both. The first one is simple because there are calculators available, both online and offline, and you can do it on your own. It is recommended that you get an electrician for both types of energy audit.

The first energy audit would involve understanding how you are using the energy that you are consuming. For instance, there may be a microwave, a heater, air conditioner, a washing machine, several lights, television, computers, chargers, blenders and a plethora of other electrical and electronic devices that get used every day in your home or business. You must use the wattage of every device and how long you use them along with the per-unit cost of electricity to know how you are using the energy being consumed at your home or office every month. This is an easy exercise to look for a way if you can save some money by cutting down on using certain appliances. The least and most insignificant benefit to doing this is that you would get to know the nitty-gritty of your energy consumption.

The second energy audit involves looking for various keys that would indicate wastage of energy. This will require an extensive inspection by an electrician, and a detailed consultation with you. The inspection may show that you have plugged many devices and they are on standby but you are not using them. Appliances may be hooked and powered but not in use. The oven, the air conditioner and heater and several other appliances may be in use at higher settings than necessary. You may be wasting too much energy on your water heater. You may want to time the heating properly so you get to make the most of the water heater while the water is being heated, so it doesn’t cool down. You may even decide to change a few appliances if they are old, outdated, malfunctioning, consuming too much energy or if your needs have changed and they are no longer appropriate.

From the frequency of using your dishwasher and if you have loaded it optimally to the kind of lights you use, how long you keep your fridge door open to the kind of automation you have, everything will fall in the ambit of inspection done by Electricians during an energy audit.