Commercial pre-wiring is an ideal way to make sure that your new office space is ready to meet your power, phone, and data needs. By working with your landlord, you can often obtain turnkey space customized for you, or an allowance for a commercial build-out that includes both construction and wiring. Using a licensed electrician for commercial rewiring can facilitate your move and prevent your business from skipping a beat as you relocate.

Commercial Pre-wiring of Tenant Build-outs

When you rent space, landlords who hope to keep you there for the long run often agree to build-outs that customize the space for tenants. Some landlords prefer to manage the project themselves with their own contractors who will follow your requirements and specifications. While this can work out well, budget- conscious landlords may spend the least amount possible, which can leave you displeased with the quality of the workmanship done on your behalf. Many tenants find that negotiating an allowance for improvements and then working with a preferred license electrician offers better results. If your company has extensive commercial pre-wiring needs, the allowance will cover part of your cost, and you will be responsible for the rest.

In planning for your wiring needs, whether you work with the landlord’s contractor or with your own, consider the installation of:

  • Additional 110 volt outlets placed where you need them
  • 220 lines, depending on the type of equipment you need to operate
  • Electrical Panel dates
  • Custom signage
  • Internal custom lighting
  • Outdoor lighting for parking lot security
  • Landscape lighting
  • Access Control Systems
  • Security Cameras (IP & Analog)
  • Data (Cat5e/Cat6)
  • CaTV/Satellite (RG6QS)
  • Intercom Services (Selective & Broadcast)
  • Central Vacuum Systems

Selecting the Right Commercial Electrician

By having this commercial pre-wiring work done prior to your move in, you can prevent disruption to your own workflow and ensure continuity as you move into the new space. If you have offices and workspaces redefined with walls and partitions, you need to make sure you have all the electrical, phone, and data connections right where you need them. As you plan out how you will arrange the equipment and furniture in the facility, you will see where you need to have outlets, phones and other access located.

When you select a versatile electrician to handle your commercial pre-wiring, you can also lock in a good source for your ongoing electrical needs. The electrician you select should be an experienced and competent asset for your ongoing needs, and by utilizing the same vendors, you can build respect with your landlord that you have the building’s best interest in mind anytime you make upgrades or repairs. Your building owner will expect anyone who works on-site to be knowledgeable, treat his property with respect, and not bother other tenants during business hours.

Whether you are a building owner or tenant looking for a contractor, a qualified commercial electrician can manage your needs for commercial pre-wiring of workspaces.