As a parent, it is of utmost importance to you that your child’s room should not only look beautiful, but also designed in such a way that it can organize everything properly. Otherwise, most of the time the room looks like it’s been hit by a tornado. Here are a few easy and creative ideas to help you out with the task of decorating your child’s bedroom.

Chalk Board Wall

For some reason, most children go through this phase when the walls of the house are their canvas. They draw and paint all over the wall and you end up painting them all over again. A very easy solution is to paint a part of your child’s bedroom with chalkboard paint. Otherwise, you can even paint one side of the bedroom door. With the chalkboard space, your child will hopefully stop drawing on the walls. Just give him chalks in different colors and he will be more than happy.

Star Ceiling

Another great idea that wouldn’t wrack your mind while decorating your child’s room is a ceiling filled with glow in the dark stars. All you have to do is buy them and stick them up on the ceiling. Moreover, they are very easy to find at an actual store or online. However, if you are willing to extra further, you can even try fiber optics. This may be a little more comprehensive, but the detailing is amazing. Even you will feel like you are sleeping under the sky.


Since you will never find your child in one place for a long time, it is a good idea to have a rug in the room, especially if the room isn’t carpeted. You can choose the rug according to the color or theme of the room so that it blends well. After you have the rug, throw in some cushions and your child can lounge around the room.

Garden Hanging Baskets

Since children take out different things all the time, it is important to organize their stuff so that they can easily reach them. Lucky for us, there are many containers and baskets that are easily available in the market. However, for this idea, you can use hanging baskets that are made for gardening purposes. Mount them on the wall; not very high up so that your child will be able to reach it. You can keep his coloring books, stuffed toys, or even building blocks in the basket. Moreover, if you have storage space in an easy reach, you can teach them to organize their things on their own.

Bed Linen

The highlight of any bedroom is the bed. Therefore, for your child’s bedroom, you can choose linen that showcases their interests. There is a whole range of children’s bedding to choose from, whether it’s a super hero that your child loves or you have a daughter who wants to feel like a princess. You can even choose linens that will go according to the theme of the bedroom. That way, the linen will enhance the look of the entire room and give out a fun vibe that your child will love.

There are many other ways one can change the whole look of a bedroom in just a few simple and easy steps. Take inspiration from things around you, your child’s interests, and of course, the internet.